Outdoor kitchen on the farm of Bolek Polívka in Olšany

Famous farm of actor Bolek Polívka in Olšany added a brand new attraction to the list this year - outdoor kitchen, built out of sandstone. Even TV chef star Zdeněk Pohlreich already had a chance to appreciate, what can be achieved on the grill and in the stone oven.

Unique outdoor kitchen in the La Provence>was built according to design by Karel Hrdina, using traditional stone masonry techniques and building out of Labský sandstone.

It took Karel’s son Tomáš and other two stonemasons three months to build.

Bolek Polívka first wanted to name it a “Gastronomical chapel” because he always wanted a belfry. The stonemasons fulfilled his dream and there is a bell on the roof with “Hrdinové for Bolek 2012” engraved in it. The sound of the bell echoes into the country.... Later on, due to the respect for the food prepared in the kitchen, they renamed the place to “Gastronomical sanctuary”.

Outdoor kitchen on the farm of Bolek Polívka in Olšany

Stylish well-being

The Gastronomical sanctuary is build from natural materials only, and will satisfy the taste buds of the most demanding gourmet. The meat prepared on it’s grill and in the stone ovens already played a main role in one of the episodes of the “Ano, šéfe!” TV series, presented by Zdeněk Pohlreich, who used the Sanctuary as a set for one of his shows.

Bolek Polívka is already planning to fit the place out with furniture and wants to move in permanently. The view of the surrounding country side can be enjoyed through the arched windows. They are situated in a particular way so that the guests can watch tableaus like “horse paddocks”, “grazing camels and lamas” etc.

The Sanctuary is to be enjoyed by all the friends and acquaintances of Bolek Polívka. That is why a stage for music gigs has been put into place as well. The Sanctuary is to be used for the christening of Polívka’s youngest daughter.

Honest craftsmanship

What is now drawing you in to enjoy the peace and good times, is a result of lot’s of effort and hard work. Up to three-tons of boulders of sandstone were brought in on palettes by trucks all the way from Dvůr Králové. Only after the trucks arrived, it turned out they can’t bring the stone all the way to the spot where the Sanctuary was to be built. Time for the forklift, which moved the boulders all the way to the building site, so that the stonemasons could work the semi finished stone, using old techniques of the stonemason masters. The only machine processed pieces of stone were the ledges and the stone shelves.

The individual stones are worked to a particular shape to create even commissure all over the structure. Besides the “ardent heart” (oven, hot plate and the grill), the kitchen also includes the above mentioned belfry, which also works as a roof window to let the midday light in. The 120 square meters of the roof is made out of the plain tiles by Tondach. The wooden pillars draw your attention with the wood texture, preserved thanks to the hand-peeling of the bark and consequent staining.

The tables made out of solid pieces of oak were also designed by Mr. Karel Hrdina. The table top is sitting on solid wooden legs, that are resting on base stones, chipped into the round shape using a unique stone-masonry technique. “English>” polished floor is also made using natural sandstone. Irregular pieces of sandstone are chipped and grouted to create this naturally looking stone floor.

The Ardent heart

The central heart of the kitchen is created by the grill fireplace, connected to the chimney. All the other fireplaces are connected to this. The grill can be used to prepare fish or meat chops, or you can hang a cast iron boiler above it. The oven is connected to the chimney and can also be used as a smoking-chamber.

Facing the central fireplace, on your left hand side you can find the largest oven in the whole kitchen. The uniqueness of this oven is in the way you stoke the firewood in it. To do this, you use the special door on the outside of the kitchen, so that you don’t need to stoke over the meat on the spit, roasting in it. The rotating spit can accommodate up to 12 ducks or a piglet without the head and shanks weighting up to 60 kilos.

On the right, you can see a tandoori oven, which is excellent for roasting of the ducks. In one hour the meat is tender and smells fantastic. Many people believe this to be the healthiest way of cooking, since all the nutrients get locked by the heat in the meat or in the vegetables pretty much instantly. The food preparation also doesn’t require any oil or fat.

The next door cast-iron hot plate can accommodate several pots, the round-shaped stone plate is used for preparation of sourdough pancakes. Opposite the ovens, you can find a workbench made out of solid oak, water tap and sink.

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