How we work

Building your outdoor kitchen - step by step

Thanks to the long record of experience in supplying outdoor stone kitchens, we have many reasons to believe we are able to manage the whole process, starting with the first contact with the potential client and finishing with the “first light up” hand over of the finished product.

Great design is the cornerstone of success

We believe that due to the longevity of the structure, the quality of the design is the key factor of success. During our first visit on site, we try to “tune in on the same wavelength” with the client. We always welcome individual requirements and sources of inspiration. Have you just seen a stone outdoor kitchen on your trip to Spain? Simply let us know, show us the pictures, tell us what you think.

In a very short time, you will receive visual hand-drawn design of the outdoor stone kitchen by Karel Hrdina, who is the head designer of stone kitchens in Hrdina & České pískovce. The design also includes the quote on building the structure, including the closest possible date of realization.

In case of sided agreement, the initial contract is signed and date of prep works agreed.

Building with the minimal impact on the site

Building a stone outdoor kitchen in an already existing garden can cause a temporary strain on the site. During the construction works, we always do maximum to minimize the trauma of the site caused by the manipulation with heavy stone. That is achieved by laying down heavy duty carpets and wooden pallets. This minimizes the damage of the lawns.

First light up - the start of your gastronomical adventures

After the building is finished, the structure needs to “cure” for at least three weeks. Patience goes a long way in this matter, since the heat could seriously damage the structure, if exposed to it too early.

To show you how easy to use our outdoor stone kitchens are, we hand over the piece by throwing in a “first light up party”, presented by the head designer Karel Hrdina, who is also a great tutor in the field of experiential gastronomy. During this party, he will prepare some of his exclusive recipes on the charcoal grill or in the smoker or pizza oven.

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