Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces with smoke chamber

Would you like to have an outdoor kitchen in your garden, but it’s too small to fit one in? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you too! Get yourself a outdoor fireplace, which can also include a smoking chamber. Enjoy some tasty food prepared on the charcoal grill while hanging out in your garden.

Zahradní krby a zahradní krby s udírnou

Outdoor fireplaces with smoke chamber - the best design in Czech

Our family owned company has, over the years of work in the field of building outdoor kitchens, gained top position on the market. Top quality craftsmanship, together with aesthetic and functionaldesign are the fundamentals of the success and growing popularity of our garden fireplaces. When designing one, we always take into account the customer’s preferences and the site characteristics to create a structure that aesthetically fits it’s surroundings.

Czech made garden fireplaces with smoke chamber

We are family owned stone masonry business, that builds it’s success around exceptional quality of our craftsmanship. All our work is 100% Czech made, from hand drawn design to all work and materials supplied. All material and subcontracted services are sourced from respectable and reliable Czech suppliers.

Why Labský sandstone?

We use Labský sandstone for most of our stonework for it’s unique characteristics, that ensure longevity of all kinds of structures. The sandstone is specific with it’s excellent workability. Using old stone masonry techniques, we give birth to a piece that is not only functional, but also beautiful in a way only natural stone can be.

Properties of the garden fireplaces

  • you can use any kind of wood or charcoal
  • the fireplace can be built with or without a smoke chamber
  • size of the fireplace determines the size and amount of the food that can be prepared on it at once
  • height, slope and length of the smoke flue all have a great influence on the functionality of the smoke chamber
  • another optional addition to your garden fireplace setup can be a wood fired oven

Why choose us as your garden fireplace supplier?

  • Experience - we have vast experience in the field of design and building of outdoor kitchens and fireplaces
  • Style - we never use templates, design of the fireplace is always adjusted to fit well into it’s surroundings
  • Eco materials - when building outdoor fireplaces, we only use top quality natural materials
  • Quality guaranteed - we guarantee 100% quality of our work, all done using old stone masonry techniques and workflow
  • Favorable pricing - despite being custom hand made, garden fireplaces are well priced and anyone can afford one
  • although the construction of fireplaces is a hand-made custom work, the prices are so favorable that anyone can buy a fireplace.

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