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Hrdina & České pískovce s.r.o.

Hrdina & České Pískovce s.r.o. is a family owned traditional stone masonry company, offering complex services designing and building outdoor kitchens out of natural stone. If you are looking for a stone wood-fire oven specialist, don’t look any further - Hrdina & České Pískovce owns the patent on the technology of building a universal pizza and bread oven.

Why an outdoor kitchen out of stone?

For us, the outdoor garden kitchen isn’t just a practical structure, used for social occasions. We believe outdoorkitchens made out of stone are a source of positive energy. Natural stone is a material that has it’s unique character and unmatched qualities - we get convinced about this every time we finish another project.

Hrdina & České pískovce s.r.o.

Who are we?

We are small family owned business that dedicated to break through in the world of design and building of outdoorwood-firekitchens made out of natural stone, predominantly Labský sandstone (stone originating from and around the Labe river region of Czech Republic). In our work, besides functionality, we also take in account the timelessness of the stone as a material - high esthetic value and quality of our craft work are our valued trademarks. Our approach to every project is highly individual - the kitchen is always designed to meet our customers requirements.

We are the team of enthusiastic and reliable people. Working with natural stone plays a big role in both our professional and personal life. We truly enjoy our work and we believe it shows in our finished work. We constantly educate ourselves in the field, following the latest trends. We are available for our clients 365 days a year, approaching problems as challenges.

Why choose us as your outdoor stone kitchen supplier?

Real craftsmanship of the finished product is only the last step in the whole process of creating a stone kitchen. It all starts with the design of the kitchen, which we believe is the key element of the whole process. It’s very important for us to tune into the same frequency with the customer, when it comes to the opinion on the final appearance of the structure. We greatly appreciate, if the client gives us as much input as possible on the final design at this stage, preferably based on one of our previous realizations. Following such guidelines generally leads to the best possible results and bilateral satisfaction.

Our philosophy is to listen carefully to you, our clients, to get to know your individual personality and, based on your ideas, create a place, that will become a great source of relaxation and unforgettable moments in a company of your family and friends. Whether the kitchen is to be built as a part of the new garden, or to be incorporated into an existing garden, you can always count on our 100% approach and genuine craftsmanship.

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