Published: 5. October 2023

Tandoori oven

Do you long for a truly original gastronomic experience? Are you attracted to discovering exotic tastes and aromas? Treat yourself and your guests to a truly extraordinary experience - dishes prepared in a tandoori oven.

What is tandoori oven?

Tandoori is a type of oven in the shape of a large bin, originally from western Asia. Oldest findings of tandoori ovens in the valley of Indian river Indus fall into the period of 3000 BC, and this type of oven is an integral part of traditional cuisine of many nations of western Asia and The Black Sea region.

Tandoori oven

How does tandoori oven work?

The fire is set right on the bottom of the oven, using either coal, or charcoal. Thanks to the material used for the wall of the oven, it accumulates great amount of the heat (the temperature in the oven itself can reach up to 480°C) which, thanks to perfect insulation, is retained inside the oven for many hours. The food itself is prepared either on the inside walls of the oven (traditional bread tandoori rooti, tandoori naan etc.), or on skewers, hanging off the top of the oven. The latter is the way to prepare the world famous tandoori chicken.

Difference between tandoori oven and traditional grill

The main difference between the two, when preparing meat is the fact that in the tandoori oven, the meat is exposed to the heat from all sides - there is no need to flip the meat, it’s ready in much shorter time and remains incredibly juicy. Traditional Caucasian lamb shashlik prepared in the tandoori oven is something you will not forget for a long time.

Tandoori oven as a part of your outdoor kitchen

If you long for a possibility to prepare delicious food for yourself and your friends in this original way, we have some good news for you. Hrdina & České pískovce now offers building of a tandoori oven as another element of your outdoor kitchen. Integral part of building a tandoori oven for you is an introduction into using it and preparing of some of the classic recipes like the rooti bread, tandoori chicken etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us - obligation free consultation might be the start of your gastronomical adventures with a tandoori oven.

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