Sandstone Outdoor Kitchens

Hrdina & České Pískovce s.r.o

Hrdina & České Pískovce s.r.o. is a family owned traditional stone masonry company, offering complex services designing and building outdoor kitchens out of natural stone. If you are looking for a stone wood-fire oven specialist, don’t look any further - Hrdina & České Pískovce owns the patent on the technology of building a universal pizza and bread oven.

For us, the outdoor garden kitchen isn’t just a practical structure, used for social occasions. We believe outdoor kitchens made out of stone are a source of positive energy. Natural stone is a material that has it’s unique character and unmatched qualities - we get convinced about this every time we finish another project.

Objects of interest

  • Sketch no. 7340

    Sketch no. 7340

    This is a sketch of a unique project, that is planned for realization in the summer of 2013. The whole outdoor kitchen…

  • Colored sketch of an outdoor kitchen

    Colored sketch of an outdoor kitchen

    Here you can see the colored sketch of an outdoor kitchen, that was created for a project in a place where the roof and…

  • Outdoor kitchen on Bolek Polívka's farm in Olšany

    Outdoor kitchen on Bolek Polívka's farm in Olšany

    This is a sketch of the outdoor stone kitchen, that was built for Bolek Polívka on his farm in Olšany.

  • Yes, chef!

    Yes, chef!

    Behind the scenes shots of one of the episodes of Ano šéfe! series with Zdeněk Pohlreich, exploring the…

  • Sandstone sink with tap

    Sandstone sink with tap

    Always wanted a water source in your outdoor kitchen but didn’t want to use a white ceramic sink, or ducktape a…

  • Wine cellar

    Wine cellar

    Wine cellar In vino veritas - this saying has been serving for centuries as a great excuse for a glass of wine for…

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