Outdoor kitchen - Praha

The design of this outdoor kitchen in Říčany u Prahy was based on a specific idea of the customer, who got inspired on his holidays in Spain, where he saw a similar smokehouse. The task seemed straightforward initially, however we had to change the design twice before the customer was 100% satisfied, which is our goal with every project.

Building of the outdoor kitchen in existing garden

When building the outdoor kitchen, we often have to deal with a situation, when the kitchen is to be built in an already existing garden. This case was no different and before we started the construction works and bringing in the sandstone, we had to cover the English>stone pretty difficult, but as always, we take such an obstacle as a challenge. When designing the kitchen into an established garden, we always get inspired by it’s surroundings. From our experience, we can confirm the result is always well worth the effort.

Outdoor kitchen - Praha

Location of the outdoor kitchen in the overall situation

When deciding on the location of the outdoor kitchen, we took in account the request of the customer on preserving the peace for the rest of the family in case the party in the outdoor kitchen goes on til late. “During the day it’s for the family, during the evening for the visitors.” he said literally. The fact that the Lord works in mysterious ways was proven before the last of the work was finished, when the customer spent most of the night in the new outdoor kitchen playing dices with his son. “We didn’t even need the electricity, you have changed our lives, Mr. Hrdina”, he said.

Outdoor kitchen independent on the house

Main features of the outdoor kitchen are the fireplace with our patented grill fitting and the smoke chamber, both to be used when preparing delicious food, that you simply can’t prepare in a traditional temporary kitchen. Total independence on the indoor kitchen in the summer time is achieved by including fridge, stone basin and electrical plug for example when a kettle is needed. All this was incorporated in the design from the very beginning and after the outdoor kitchen was finished, all we could do was to test it.

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