La Provence style outdoor kitchen in Bratislava

Same as many other projects of building an outdoor kitchen, this one also started by an investor asking us to design and build an outdoor kitchen out of stone in the same>french region called Provence. This style is in our catalog presented as La Provence.

Quality design - cornerstone of success

In Hrdina & České pískovce, we work in traditional ways of old stonemasons. Same applied to the first design of this outdoor kitchen, with the pencil in the hand of our head designer, Mr. Karel Hrdina. From our experience, this kind of visual output is the easiest for the customer to understand and imagine the nascent creation. In this particular case, the client also required computer generated 3D visualization. The design was nothing but success and on the day of the presentation, we have pegged the foundations of the structure.

La Provence style outdoor kitchen in Bratislava

Labský sandstone - ideal material for building of outdoor kitchens

Labský sandstone, or solid pieces of it to be more specific, proves over and over again to be an ideal material for building of the outdoor kitchens. Not only for the aesthetics, but also for it’s thermal expansion and the ability to accumulate heat. Some builders choose to make the kitchen by building it’s core from concrete blocks and using stone cladding to finish the kitchen off. By doing so, they achieve great visual results, however, by being exposed to high heat when burning the wood in the fireplace or in the oven, the whole structure can develop cracks in it. That is why we only build our fireplaces and ovens out of solid pieces of sandstone.

Complete solution for your outdoor kitchen project - from foundations to the roof

This project of outdoor kitchen was delivered by our company from start to finish, including the roof. Hrdina & České pískovce is family owned stone masonry company, however we also long term co-operate with experienced craftsmen of other trades like roofing carpenters, blacksmiths etc. That way, we can offer our customers complete project management when supplying the outdoor kitchen with a roof over the top of it. This practice seems to work very well for both us and our customers. The long term cooperation with other tradesmen makes the whole project run smoothly, since when we are finishing the stonework, we know exactly how to prepare the site for the next trade to come in. And the result? Higher quality of the final product, achieved without unnecessary complications, and another satisfied customer, exactly the way it turned out in this project of an outdoor kitchen. Please, see for yourself...

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