Stone fence - Podkozí

It’s generally accepted that the size doesn’t matter. However, in this particular case, the opposite is true The stone wall in Podkozí in Beroun region is one of the rather larger projects in our portfolio.

Stone fence - Podkozí

Our work is not just sandstone

Despite using sandstone in vast majority of our projects, it’s no problem at all to source and work with other kinds of stone. In this case, the pick was the locally sourced horn stone from a nearby quarry. This decision generated massive reduction of the costs, considering the volume of material needed to finish the whole project and the transport prices.

Traditional stone masonry technique

To build the wall, we used one of the traditional stone masonry techniques, when you lay the stones in a way it creates minimum gaps between two rocks and the commissure doesn’t get grouted. This technique is very demanding on the execution, but the results are well worth the effort.

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