Sandstone garden fireplace - Vysočina

This stone fireplace made out of Labský sandstone was built as part of the project of a large reconstruction of an old farm house in Vysočina for a pourpose of company functions. One of the requests from the investor, Mr. Vítek, was that the fireplace was to be big enough to accommodate a whole piglet to roast in it. The size of the fireplace, same as the size of the solid timbre oak bench, was adjusted accordingly to this request.

Stone floor

The foundations and the concrete slab was supplied by a local company. Our company supplied all material and stonework, which included the fireplace and the stone floor, in this particular case the so called “English tile”.The guests can enjoy walking on the floor barefoot, their feet feeling the natural material.

Sandstone garden fireplace - Vysočina

First light ritual

Mr. Vítek joined the endless line of our satisfied customers. Mr. Karel Hrdina, the head designer in Hrdina & České pískovce designed the fireplace according to Mr. Vítek's requests so that every guest feels great here and draws the positive energy of the place while relaxing with friends. Handing over of the whole project is done as a part of our company “Ritual of the first light”. During this, the investor is introduced to using the fireplace, maintenance and of course, a few secret tips on the food preparation are passed on, all that by Mr. Karel Hrdina in person.

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