Published: 5. October 2023

Sandstone sink with tap

Always wanted a water source in your outdoor kitchen but didn’t want to use a white ceramic sink, or ducktape a garden hose to the roof supporting post of your outdoor area? A sink out of a massive piece of sandstone made to your exact specifications is a great option to solve your problem. Who wouldn’t want to incorporate an original piece of stone turned into a fully functional accessory to their outdoor kitchen setup.

Sink made out of stone - 100% original

Every sink made out of stone is, considering the size of the rock used for making one, a true original piece. Every rock is unique with its color, decor and initial shape and that makes the sink made out of it one of a kind as well. The stone is machine-grinded so that it’s perfectly smooth. The shape of the sink itself can be round, oval or completely irregular, always exactly the way you want it. You can also choose the finish - matte or gloss.

Sandstone sink with tap

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