Stone fence - Praha

The landlords of this unusual property on the edge of an oak forest 20 minutes outside of Prague asked Mr. Karel Hrdina to design an interesting fence with a cave and a fireplace.

Stone fence - Praha

The stone fence doesn’t need to look like a man made structure

Our goal was to create interesting scenery when viewing from both top and bottom floor of the house, which stands on the property. All the stone used is unified by the light tones of gray, ochroid and brown, and created tranquil backdrop, allowing the flora to stand out. The space between the stones becomes growing grounds for moss and fern. The vertical dimension is accented by the oak trees in the background.

Boulder scenery as a stone fence

Typical for this execution of the stone fence is the variety of the surfaces, especially the large unworked sandstone boulders covered in moss, that are stacked so that they create an impression of solid rock massif. “Sometimes, people knock down walls to make the garden feel larger, but the opposite approach works too - to build the wall and create a rock scenery”, explains Mr. Karel Hrdina in his thoughts on this project.

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